Let the fun begin! We are planning lots of fun and learning again this year. Remember that your registration includes everything – you just choose your level of participation. If you come to just visit and spin, we’ll be glad to have you. If you want to learn as much as possible, we’ll do our best to keep you busy!

Need to register? Here’s the link!

Friday 3PM- Bonus class!
Beginning Spinning; some wheels will be available for you to learn on or bring your own. Please let us know if you will need a wheel. Limited to 5 registrants per session.

Friday 4PM- Dyeing station opens. Each registrant can dye one of the following (provided with your registration): yarn skein, sock blank, 4 oz. fiber, or silk/wool scarf. You can purchase additional items for $10 each. You can also bring fiber or yarn of your own to dye.

Friday 4PM- vendors open

Friday 4PM – equipment station opens. We will have a variety of tools like drum carders, spinning wheels, hand cards, drop spindles, knitting needles and more available for you to try out.

Friday 5:30-6:30- evening meal; bring your finished projects from the 2019 fiber challenge to share. You can also “show-n-tell” your pandemic, lockdown projects.

Friday 7PM- Exotic fleeces and common ones – working with raw fleeces gives you the chance to control your fiber from start to finish. Get some tips on washing, skirting, processing and more.

Friday 9PM- Building closes

Saturday 7AM- Coffeepot on!

Saturday 7:45AM- Breakfast

Saturday 8:30- Vendors open, dyeing and equipment station opens

Saturday 9:00 – Exotic Fibers 1– Spin, study and blend with exotic fibers that go way beyond silk. We have assembled some very unique fibers for you to try out. Suitable for either drop spindle or spinning wheel. Limited to 20 participants.

Saturday 9:30 – Blending with Cards, Combs and More
Bring your imagination, we will have the tools and the fibers to put together some unique blends. Learn to use a drum carder, hand cards, blending board or combs to make a custom batt.

Saturday 10:15 –Exotic Fibers 2 – Another set of unusual fibers for you to try. Test out on your drop spindle or wheel, then compare with the other fibers you have tried.

Saturday 11:30 – Lunch and social

Saturday 1PM- The Big Project– and it’s going to be a fun one! We always have a project that everyone can try and this year’s is as creative as any we have had in the past. All supplies provided, just bring your creativity!

Saturday 4PM – Building closes

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